I promise I’ll never leave you…… Again…

Hello all,

I am so terribly sorry I’ve been so MIA lately. A LOT has happened in my life in the past 2 months, so it’s been a whirlwind and I did not write much. I have settled a bit into my life more so now, so i will be getting back to writing and sharing with you guys all the juicy gossip, dating stories and relationship advice I possibly can. BUT, 1st and foremost, we must chit chat a bit to catch you all up on everything that has gone on since I’ve been gone.

  1. A good friend of mine passed away about a week before school was officially over. He had always been someone that was there for me when I needed help, or had a birthday, or a celebration, but we hadn’t been as close lately. Unfortunately he commmitted suicide and it crushed me. But he was a ray of light and I cried a ton, and then chose to push on, and not let it destroy me.
  2. I graduated college Yayyyyyy!!! On June 15th, 2019 I finished my Bachelors of Science in Psychology and had the pleasure of sitting in the sun for 4 hours, creating a bit of but sweat in the 85-90 degree heat. Good news, I only sun burned my knees though!
  3. I bought a house!! OMG right? A 20 year old single-mom buying her first home? Super crazy, I was so insanely excited and have since moved in and started some DIY projects I’ll share later. I got a roommate for 6 months-1 year to help decrease my monthly payment and so far so good!
  4. I now have a boyfriend. Pretty sure this is even crazier than the home buying thing. I’ve been single now for about 3 years, since my ex-boyfriend that I was madly in love with and held on to for those 3 years following which stopped me from letting anyone else in. But I met this great guy, who is a lot like me in a lot of ways but also very different. He asked me to be his girlfriend like old school style. So if I gawk over him for a while, bear with me.
  5. Last big update, I got accepted into my Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy Program I wanted, so I will be starting that in September. On the road to being your favorite Marriage/Divorce and Sex Therapist. (;

I will give more details on some of the updates I mentioned in the coming days, but for now I just hope you’ll accept me back in to your loving arms and soak up all the juicy tidbits I will be sharing soon.

Side Note: Apparently giving it up on the second weekend of dates does not harm your chances of getting commitment out of a guy. But take that with a grain of salt because both me and my boyfriend (lol i have a BF) tend to be exceptions to rules in life.

Published by Kiara Lynn Willis

I am a Photographer and Personal Stylist based in Oregon. A mother to an incredible 4 year old named Lola and a goofy Poodle named Hershey. I have a B.S. in Psychology, and have been obsessed with photography, and styling friends and family my entire life. I have always had strong passion for fashion, body positivity and finding not only that perfect outfit, but also the freedom to feel sexy and powerful and project that for yourself, or on to your partner. I use to drag all my friends in college around the island of Hawaii making them model for me, and have always had a passion for photography, in those candid moments and intimate times creating beautiful photos and forever memories. I hope to be a part of your life, doing what I do best.

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