Fetish me baby.

A fetish is something that brings sexual arousal/gratification from something that is at an abnormal degree. Fetishes are consistently a butt of a joke, or something whispered as a secret, but in reality Fetishes are becoming more and more popular, or less and less secret. This blog post is about the strangest fetish I have encountered. Comment below your strangest encounters and if I get at least 4 comments my next post will discuss them all.

My most active dating experiences definitely occurred when i lived in Hawaii my freshman year of college, it was my first time living out on my own, there were plenty of attractive guys between colleges around me and military bases so i actually got to date. Since then my dating life has definitely slowed down a lot due to school and having a child. There was probably one experience while in Hawaii that I came across someone with a legitimately strange fetish.

My experience with a actually strange fetish was with a guy I had just started to date. For the sake of anonymity, I’ll call him the Poet since he loved to write and was a bit of a “tortured soul”. Me and the Poet had probably dated for maybe 1-2 weeks. We went out on a couple dates during that time, met off a dating site but both went to University of Hawaii so we were hanging out almost every night. So it was about 2 1/2 weeks in we were hangin out at his dorm, a little kissy kissy, playing card games, cuddling. We had like a “so what turns you on” talk. So he starts talking about how he’s an ass guy, (surprise surprise, I knew this I have a booty so obvi), and he make me promise not to laugh or tell anyone. I’m convinced it’s going to be something stupid and irrelevant so of course I’m like “don’t worry I won’t, just share with me”.

Let me just pause for a second and draw a picture of this man to help give you a picture. So he is a pretty guy in the face, around 6’2, idk how much he weighs but this dude is bigger, 6 pack, big arms, couple tattoos, very attractive chocolate man.

The poet turns to me and says ‘ Well you know how I like ass, my fetish is i love it when someone is riding my face and they fart in it.”.




When I tell you I am very rarely at a loss for words, I mean it. I. Was. Speechless. We probably hung out 1-2 more times after that, i try not to be judgmental (plus dude was super hot) but i did make it quite clear that was not going to be something I was into. I did ask him what was it that made it so attractive to him, and he told me “It’s just cause I love ass so much, it’s just the ultimate experience of ass, I want to be suffocated and just inhale it.”. Our little flirtation ended one night, not long after when we were cuddling/making out and the Poet got very angry that I hadn’t slept with him yet, he was standing up yelling at me that if I wasn’t going to put out to get the hell out, it was 2 am and I walked my lil fat ass home freaked out. I do not know if it was roid rage or anger that after he had ditched me on an earlier date for another chick but either way I was 100% out at that point.

A couple weeks later, his relationship status was Taken, and I saw him and his girlfriend (I was cuter, ya already know) walking around campus the rest of the year and every time I saw him my heart skipped a little cause the Poet had really scared me that night.

One thing kept in my mind as the school year went on and they continued to be in a relationship the rest of the year and i could not help butt wonder, was she farting in his face every night with a smile on her face…… They say everyone has an equal out there, I guess the Poet and his fetish did too.

Moral of the story is dating is comedy and the world is a strange place.

Comment below the strangest things you’ve heard or experienced while dating someone new. If i get 4 responses my next post will be discussing them.


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