A train wreck of a day.

Yesterday has to have been one of the outright worst days I’ve had in quite a while. It started relatively normal, woke up, dropped my 3 year old off at my parents for the weekend since i had to work saturday/sunday, then head to work after my hour of driving. Work was extremely slow, and anyone who knows me knows i do not do well with idle thumbs, but i powered through and get out to my car to go run home.

It was shaping up to be a full day, one of my best friend’s kids had a birthday party, so i had to run home, change take the dog out to go potty, and grab a present from Target, then at 8 i had a date planned with my new roommates kinda cute brother who i’d been flirting with for 2 weeks now.

So I get out to my car in the parking garage and as I’m reversing i hear this loud scratching sound so i pull back over and look under my car, great i had hit the parking space curb thingy and it had finally broken off the plastic under my car and was now dragging. I don’t have any way to fix it and I’m already late for the birthday party so I just roll up my tinted windows and pray no one I know see’s/hear’s me. Of course I tell my cute guy I have a date with and he replies “oh i can fix that for you, looking forward to tonight!”. So I run home do what i need to and go to my friends party. When i get there we all exchange pleasantries and i start dishing on all the latest in the dating world as most of my friends are with long term partners and also have kids. I’m telling them all about how i have a date with my roommates brother, and he’s kinda cute and I’m pumped and what not. As I start mentioning his name one of the friends who i was meeting for the first time today, asks me to see his picture. This is not the most reassuring thing when someone has that look of recognition on a name of a new beau.

So I whip out my phone and start showing them his face book, and picture, and she looks at me astonished and says “that’s my best friends husband…”. Now he had told me previously at a movie night that he had been married but he was very clear he was LEGALLY Divorced, so I say oh like right now wife, he had mentioned he was divorced. She says “no like right now wife, like I was supposed to go to his kids birthday party that’s right now, where he is with his wife and their kids and their church, and she shows me the pictures they had just posted at this church child’s party looking cozy. So of course we all start freaking out, and i tell her to call the wife, because I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to cheat, you need to get caught. and apparently he has been doing this to her for yearsssss, multiple women, sometimes even picking him up from their shared house. They start going on about he’s a POS, he hasn’t even paid the bills in months (he had told me she never lets him see his kids, and he pays her all this money every month..). How he told his wife, he had to work after his kids party (when he was actually coming to pick me up for a date). So we invite her over after she bitches him out in the car on the way home, and we share screenshots, and at this point he’s still blowing her phone up saying I’m just some crazy bitch, with a horrible personality keeping him from his kids. I was “beautiful” and he “was praying for me, and his future” earlier before he was caught but whatever. Let me tell you, thank god, i swerved his kiss attempt when we had a movie night and all i did was cuddle a little on the couch the week before.

Thank GOD I found out before the date, and didn’t waste any more time, money, kissing or sex on that “man”.

So my day is ruined, his wife’s day is ruined to say the least, although she was nice and honestly kept apologizing to me about her “dick for everybody husband” as she would say. So I go home at like 8:30 hungry and dateless, get home to find my dog has opened one of the garage storage tubs and spilled potting soil all over the garage. I go take him out and run over to Taco bell for some burritos to make me happy and less hungry, come home and hear water running, so i go check up stairs and the chain to the flusher in my roommates bathroom has rusted and broken off, so there i am, dirty, exhausted having the worst day and fixing the toilet as well knowing now I’m going to have to buy new parts. Once i have it temporarily looped so the water will stop refilling every 5 minutes, i go down pour myself a VERY stiff drink of rum and strawberry kiwi Snapple. Head over to the couch and place my drink on my ottomans little tray. get distracted trying to keep the dog off something and spill my drink all over the ottoman and the carpet. All that rum wasted.

I break down crying lmao it’s just been too stressful of a day for me. SO there I am crying over spilt rum, grabbing towels to try and pat everything dry, and this time i just pout like 8 oz of rum in the cup and a splash of the juice and sit down, eat all my burritos, drink over half of the rum, and watch sex and the city until the drinking settles in and i fell asleep probably at fucking 10:30 pm, after a quick shower (and a quick water pressure orgasm), half naked and alone again having to wake up at 7 am on a Sunday the next day to go back to work.




So FYI, if you meet a man named Tico, in Salem, Oregon, he’s a scrub, avoid at all cost.


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