A train wreck of a day.

Easily the worst day ever, from car problems, plumbing problems to the worst news you can get before a date…

Is long-term boyfriend the new husband?

In the dating world, I definitely have met my fair share of guys (not just young ones), who are pretty adamant that they did not want to be married. Personally, I believe in marriage, I understand that many aspects of marriage are more difficult now due to external factors but I still crave it. It’sContinue reading “Is long-term boyfriend the new husband?”

Fetish me baby.

A fetish is something that brings sexual arousal/gratification from something that is at an abnormal degree. Fetishes are consistently a butt of a joke, or something whispered as a secret, but in reality Fetishes are becoming more and more popular, or less and less secret. This blog post is about the strangest fetish I haveContinue reading “Fetish me baby.”

How to go out: A guide to the different ways you can approach the club scene.

If we’ve dated in the past, this blog post is probably not something you want to read. This is about club life, my experiences and the 3 different ways to go out in Portland. This is a culmination of my (slightly limited) personal experiences in Portland, Oregon. For those that are new here, I recentlyContinue reading “How to go out: A guide to the different ways you can approach the club scene.”

It’s Official, Jk…

First, I’d like to formally apologize for how absolutely shit I’ve been about writing on my blog. Life got busy etc etc. Nah, I was caught up in my little relationship and lowkey didn’t want a new man I was legitimately interested in reading my inner most thoughts or hearing embarrassing dating stories from myContinue reading “It’s Official, Jk…”

Mr. T, wrestling for my heart.

Hey guys, so on my little update post I casually mentioned a new man in my life. I’m not gonna expose him on here since it’s fresh and new, so i’ll refer to him as Mr. T. I’m gonna give ya’ll a little snapshot of the time between our first date, to now, living life,Continue reading “Mr. T, wrestling for my heart.”

I promise I’ll never leave you…… Again…

Hello all, I am so terribly sorry I’ve been so MIA lately. A LOT has happened in my life in the past 2 months, so it’s been a whirlwind and I did not write much. I have settled a bit into my life more so now, so i will be getting back to writing andContinue reading “I promise I’ll never leave you…… Again…”

The Many Men We Face

So as my previous post would allude too, I am very much single. In all honesty, my longest real relationship was about 3 months, so I couldn’t tell you the difference between romance movie relationships and real ones. However, this does mean when it comes to dating I’m an expert. In this day and age,Continue reading “The Many Men We Face”