Quick Lemon/Lime Pepper Chicken

In these difficult times stuck in the house and restaurants closed I have had to get more creative with easy meals in order to not continue spending $100 every 2 weeks in take out. My vice has always been food, i love food, i overspend on food and home goods. So I’ve definitely made moreContinue reading “Quick Lemon/Lime Pepper Chicken”

Loaded Baked Chicken

This recipe is Keto, however its also perfect for those who are not on keto, but enjoy that warm comfort food feeling. I typically make a side salad with it, or just do the chicken by itself. Serving Size: 2-3 Time: 40 minutes Ingredients: -6 Oz Cream Cheese (for keto full fat) -2 full chickenContinue reading “Loaded Baked Chicken”

The Best Scrambled Eggs

For those of whom are like me and are unimpressed by flavorless scrambled eggs created by the masses, but love the protein they provide, try out this recipe. This is a recipe for those looking for a more flavorful egg. Keep in mind I also like my scrambles fully cooked, not runny or wet soContinue reading “The Best Scrambled Eggs”