Quick Lemon/Lime Pepper Chicken

In these difficult times stuck in the house and restaurants closed I have had to get more creative with easy meals in order to not continue spending $100 every 2 weeks in take out. My vice has always been food, i love food, i overspend on food and home goods. So I’ve definitely made moreContinue reading “Quick Lemon/Lime Pepper Chicken”

Loaded Baked Chicken

This recipe is Keto, however its also perfect for those who are not on keto, but enjoy that warm comfort food feeling. I typically make a side salad with it, or just do the chicken by itself. Serving Size: 2-3 Time: 40 minutes Ingredients: -6 Oz Cream Cheese (for keto full fat) -2 full chickenContinue reading “Loaded Baked Chicken”